What are the Things you need to Know About Jewelry Tailored for Men?

There are certain cultural traditions like in India, Africa, Native America and Asia wherein both men and women are regularly seen wearing jewelry. In certain cultures such as that mentioned jewelry can symbolize religious beliefs or it could be expressions of a person’s social status.

So you see, wearing jewelry is not exclusive for women alone. As a matter of fact, there are certain places that hold very rigid rules when it comes to jewelry; rules about what jewelry men are prescribed to wear and the jewelry women are advised to wear. There are different jewelry items that are specific to both genders. In America and in Europe where the influence of religion is less felt, these rules did not apply not until a couple of decades ago. In European and American cultures, men had other ways to express their social statuses like in high-end clothing and expensive cars. But lately or more specifically in the last decades, men have discovered the beauty of jewelry to show off their affluence. The market is also slowly expanding offering different jewelry options for men.

Modern Men’s Jewelry

Fifty or sixty years ago, it would have been ridiculous for men to wear jewelry perhaps because jewelry items like bracelets, earrings and necklaces were strictly used by women exclusively. If a man were caught wearing jewelry he’d be mocked at and ridiculed for being gay or effeminate. The only exceptions for men to wear were wedding rings and pocket watches. Other options included cuff links and tie tacks.

Luckily in the past few years, the notion that jewelry makes men look effeminate has changed and collections of jewelry tailored for men grew exponentially high. With genders slowly becoming equal in an attempt to rid society of double standards, men’s jewelry has come in full force especially now that people’s perspectives of gender roles are changing. Today, if you’ve noticed more and more men are wearing jewelry especially the younger ones. A lot of men purchase jewelry online from their trusted e-commerce sites such as Niv’s Bling or on eBay.

Men’s jewelry comes in many different styles so this gives men plenty of options to choose from to suit their individual tastes. The majority of men’s jewelry pieces are made of natural materials or precious metals. The most popular jewelry items are those that concentrate more on simple elegance. Perhaps the most important function of jewelry in men is to empathize their personal predilection and to boost their confidence. More importantly, one of the reasons why men love jewelry is it’s a great way to attract potential partners.

Famous Modern Materials Used for Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry MaterialsWhen it comes to materials, there’s a wide range of it available in making jewelry for men and it grows every year. Men’s preferences for the materials they want their jewelry to be made from depending on several factors such as gender expression, personal taste, and age. The following is a buying guide that provides useful information on the most recent and popular materials for men’s jewelry. In here you will also find pieces of information on jewelry that are designed for either women or men.

Men’s Jewelry That is Made of Silver, Gold, and Other Metals

I think we can all agree that metals are timeless materials used for men’s jewelry. If you want to make an impression during formal occasions you should go with yellow gold and white gold jewelry pieces. Jewelry items that have silver tones are also very famous with men. At present, the demand for silver jewelry is steadily growing. The surfaces of these jewelry pieces are usually brushed or matte while women’s jewelry pieces have a glossy finish. Silver jewelry has a unique understated yet classy appeal that displays elegance that’s why it’s very favored by women. If the accent is right, it can also be a very attractive material for men’s jewelry as well. In the market, you’ll find lots of men’s jewelry that are silver-plated or are made of sterling silver. Obviously, compared to sterling silver, silver plated jewelry pieces are relatively less expensive. The more silver content your jewelry has the more expensive it becomes.

Stainless steel is another sought-after material used for men’s jewelry. It looks more or less the same as silver jewelry and it may have a black or golden finish. Compared to other softer precious metals, stainless steel has a relatively higher resistance to warping and scratches. At Niv’s Bling, you’ll find a lot of jewelry styles made out of stainless steel.

Aside from stainless steel, another in-demand metal used for men’s jewelry is titanium. To be more specific, titanium in jewelry is, in point of fact, a type of stainless steel. Since titanium is offered separately from other stainless steel items, buyers should know what makes it different and unique. Well, titanium is very tough and it is resistant to denting and scratches. The normal shade is silver and it looks just the same as real silver but with titanium, it requires less care once you wear it. Jewelry pieces that are made of titanium come in shades of black but there are other colors available to suit your taste. Men who work heavily with their hands and who are handling heavy machinery opt for titanium jewelry because of its toughness. Titanium is much more expensive compared to other types of steel because it is produced using a very elaborate and complicated process.

Natural Materials Used for Men’s Jewelry

The majority of the younger generation choose natural materials over conventional metals as they see as being too old-fashioned. One thing that led to this preference is the fact that natural materials cost less compared to metals. On Niv’s Bling, you will find plenty of jewelry items that are made of natural materials yet still share the same appeal as those made of metal. Jewelry pieces that are made from natural materials show a man’s connection with nature.

One of the most famous materials used for men’s jewelry today is leather. The leather is popular because of its known durability. Leather has a very natural look and it’s comfortable to wear when brushed against your skin. It also pairs well with other materials.  A lot of jewelry stores offer a large spectrum of jewelry items so you can browse at your leisure until you find your favorite jewelry. If you visit Niv’s Bling’s official website you will be directed to categories of jewelry and with every category you’ll find different versions and styles of conventional and modern jewelry.

Aside from leather, there are also lots of young men who prefer wood as their jewelry material of choice because it can be used in many different ways. Wood looks natural and understated and it also offers plenty of options in terms of how it is presented or how it is carved. Wood materials come in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors. The most famous shape for men’s jewelry that is made of wood includes pendants or beads; this style is highly in demand among surfers or those who want to rock beach-inspired outfits.

There are Different Types of Jewelry You’ll find Online

Men today can search for jewelry effortlessly especially when they are browsing the Internet for e-commerce jewelry stores. But our advice is that before you finalize a purchase it would be best if you get at least a brief overview of the item so that you would know what it’s made of. Since the range of jewelry pieces are so many it helps if you get a good sense of the jewelry that appeals to you and what jewelry looks good on you to make your shopping less of a headache especially when you are confronted with various jewelry collections.

Men’s Necklaces

Men’s predilections for necklaces are so varied, as do those who wear them. There are men who love necklaces so much that they eventually become necklace collectors. The same goes for women. There are women who eventually become real collectors of necklaces. If you want to look for necklaces online we suggest you visit Niv’s Bling. Niv’s Bling offers a wide collection of necklaces that cater to both men and women.

Rings and Bracelets for Men

Bracelets and rings are also in demand in the jewelry market today. A ring or a bracelet can easily draw attention to your hands and it also helps leave a unique impression.

Cufflinks and Tie Tacks

Cufflink and tie tacks are some of the most common jewelry purchased by men. If you work in an office or if you are always out on social occasion then you should have at least one pair of cuff links or tie tacks. The designs for cufflinks and tie tacks are also very diverse depending on what you prefer. Some like to go for the classic styles while other prefer for the more modern look.

Earrings for Men

Most men shop for earrings above all other jewelry types. Some of the most in demand earring styles among men are single studs. Men feel confident if they don on jewelry especially ones that are made from precious metals and expensive stones. A pair of earrings can instantly elevate your look and it can help boost your self-esteem. Some men even wear earrings in an attempt to lure women.

When it comes To Buying Men’s Jewelry You Need to Know A Few Things

Before you check out your cart and finalize your purchase always make it a priority to look at the quality of the jewelry. You have to know if it’s made of fine quality to avoid future disappointments. A lot of people go for the cheaper ones since it’s more budget-friendly only to get frustrated after a while since some of these jewelry items easily tarnish and aren’t resistant to scratches. If you are not familiar with the material or if you are having doubts then it would be best if you do some research first and ask your local jeweler for some advice before you finalize your purchase. Always keep in mind that you should not use the price of a material as criteria for buying jewelry.