A man who likes jewelry doesn’t make him less of a man, as a matter of fact; it doesn’t make him look gay either. With our booming economy, more and more people can afford to purchase jewelry. Back in the days, only very few can afford jewelry but now anyone who has a decent job can buy himself a piece of luxury jewelry.

So you see, it’s not just the women who don jewelry. If you look at magazines, billboards and TV advertisements they all feature men in suits wearing jewelry even men in casual wear can don on jewelry. This is because men’s fashion is continuously evolving and men’s fashion includes sparkling jewelry. Men’s jewelry offers unique designs than the jewelry you see worn by women.

With men’s collection of jewelry slowly expanding majority of men find it a struggle to look for the right necklace design. This is why you need to read this article. If you visit virtual and retail stores you will find massive collections of jewelry and even if you narrow it down to specific categories you will still get overwhelmed with the wide spectrum of styles and designs.

It is for this reason that you make yourself familiar with some of the most in-demand styles and materials in the market. When you know all these you can request for your masculine necklaces to be customized to fit any type of outfit you may have in your closet.

A Handy Guideline to Necklace Styles in Men

To be able to customize a necklace you need to have some form of basic knowledge of men’s jewelry design. If you’ve seen collections of necklaces before you’ll discover that there are numerous necklace types having features that are unique and specific to every style.

  • Chain Necklaces

One of the most classic styles of necklaces is the chain necklace. This simple yet highly sophisticated necklace is one of the most in demand necklaces in the market today and a lot of men are rooting for it. This is their necklace of choice. The links of a chain necklace come in a number of shapes so it’s safe to say that this type of accessory can be considered versatile since it can complement a wide range of outfits. The designs of chain necklaces include serpentine links that are shaped in the letter S, big rope chains that have a spiral look and different sizes of elongated links in a curb, foxtail, and cable designs. There are also chain necklaces that show herringbone links, rectangular or square box as well as omega links.

  • Choker Necklaces

A choker necklace is another popular variation of men’s necklaces. Young adults and teens, as well as men in specific subcultures, often wear choker necklaces. This type of necklace is designed to fit right into your neck. A choker can be seen no matter what kind of top you put on. The styles of choker necklaces range from simple and fashionable to those they call dog collars, chokers that have tags and spikes.

  • Pendants

Pendants worn by men are entirely different from those seen being worn by women. This is because men’s pendants are less flashy and are relatively smaller in terms of size. There are some pendants that hang as far down as your collarbone. The purpose is for the dangling pendant to be seen when a man is wearing an open-collar t-shirt. There are other pendants that extend far down to the breastbone. The men who wear this type of decorative pendant pair it with casual clothes. For the hanging part, it can be of any style or image but the chain is normally made from a type of complementary material like leather or metal.

  • Dog Tags

Dog tags are more or less similar to military dog tags when it comes so style. These ornamental pendant necklaces have the same ball chain as well as hanging tags but the only difference is that it has varying designs. In men’s dog tags, instead of the usual personal information you’ll see in real dog tags, dog tag men’s necklaces offer raised or engraved images.

A Handy Guideline in Materials Used in Men’s Necklaces

The materials used for pendant chains, choker bases and chain necklaces can be personalized according to your own preference. Men who want to express their distinctive personalities have a plethora of options they can choose from.

  • Metals

The most popular material used in men’s necklaces are metals. Necklaces designed for men come from a number of metals like silver and gold. These metals are the most striking and appealing of all so you have to be careful in choosing what they of metal you want to use when contrasted with your skin tone. Gold, as you may have noticed, offers warm undertones. It’s also available in a wide spectrum of shades. If you want to have a deeper tone you can opt for bronze or copper. Silver, compared to gold, is much cooler and its look can be duplicated easily if you choose affordable and less costly metals like chrome or stainless steel.

  • Leather

When choosing leather as your material of choice for your necklace base you have to consider its design and color. Leather bands that are way too dark or have a broad width will give the illusion of a collar so this means this design will only look amazing in certain styles of clothing. Jewelers suggest that you go for leather bands that have earth tone hues since they are your best bet for everyday wear. You can twist, adorn with beads and braid your leather bands to achieve a more natural look.

  • Rope

Necklaces that have a rope design are braided and woven and are often incorporated with some form of decoration. An excellent choice to achieve a natural look is hemp as it complements all possible casual looks. Even though rope is often associated with people who are fond of the outdoors, anyone who is fond of a laid-back vibe can use this kind of material and make it a customized necklace.

  • Bone, Beads, and Wood

Mens NecklaceBulky accessories that are made with these three materials (bone, beads and wood) are commonly seen in most modern necklaces bespoke for men. Bone and wood materials are reminiscent of native customs and traditions while beads used to decorate chokers and basic chains give it style and flair. The beads you’ll see used in the majority of men’s jewelry are relatively smaller in size, are less striking and are smoother compared to the beads you’ll often find in women’s accessories.

Where Can You Buy Customized Men’s Necklaces?

Like any other jewelry, you can always find a customized men’s necklaces both online and offline. By online it means you need to look for trusted e-commerce websites since jewelry comes with a high price. So if you don’t want to end up losing money and not getting anything in return (think of scams and fake websites) then it’s best if you do your research well. One of the trusted jewelry stores found on the Internet is Niv’s Bling. You can look it up in search engine sites and if you click on their site you will be directed to their landing page where you will find an array of jewelry pieces that are all for sale.

But if you feel secure to shop for customized men’s necklaces where you can actually fit the necklace yourself if you still don’t know if the design suits you then you should visit brick-and-mortar shops so you can see the customized men’s necklace and see how it will contrast with your skin. There are also a lot of retail stores in shopping malls and even in the city.

The advantage though if you opt to shop for jewelry pieces online especially if it’s already your second or third time to make a purchase in the same shop is that it’s so convenient. You don’t have to drive all the way to the mall and stress yourself out looking for a parking space since if it’s done online all you have to do is to fire up your computer, click on the icon for the Internet and start shopping for jewelry. Anther nice thing about shopping online like in Niv’s Bling is that everything is already ironed out for you so all you have to do is to click on specific categories. So if you are looking for customized men’s necklaces, you click on the customized men’s necklaces area or if you are after bracelets all you have to do is to look for the label that says bracelets the same goes for earrings, rings, and anklets. There are also online e-commerce stores that will help you filter out what you want. Like you can even choose the type of metal used, the type of style and the type of jewelry.


Today, men can choose so many styles and designs when it comes to jewelry. With jewelry maker’s innovative creativity, the designs, and styles, as well as the materials, never end and you’ll always have so many choices unlike before wherein the choices are very limited. Customization allows men to express themselves and their personalities through the jewelry they choose and that’s the beauty of customized necklaces and all other types of jewelry items that can be personalized.