Author: Kimberly Hall

A Handy Guide to Buying Men’s Jewelry

What are the Things you need to Know About Jewelry Tailored for Men? There are certain cultural traditions like in India, Africa, Native America and Asia wherein both men and women are regularly seen wearing jewelry. In certain cultures such as that mentioned jewelry can symbolize religious beliefs or it could be expressions of a person’s social status. So you see, wearing jewelry is not exclusive for women alone. As a matter of fact, there are certain places that hold very rigid rules when it comes to jewelry; rules about what jewelry men are prescribed to wear and the jewelry women are advised to wear. There are different jewelry items that are specific to both genders. In America and in Europe where the influence of religion is less felt, these rules did not apply not until a couple of decades ago. In European and American cultures, men had other ways to express their social statuses like in high-end clothing and expensive cars. But lately or more specifically in the last decades, men have discovered the beauty of jewelry to show off their affluence. The market is also slowly expanding offering different jewelry options for men. Modern Men’s Jewelry Fifty or sixty years ago, it would have been ridiculous for men to wear jewelry perhaps because jewelry items like bracelets, earrings and necklaces were strictly used by women exclusively. If...

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How do you Personalize Men’s Necklaces?

A man who likes jewelry doesn’t make him less of a man, as a matter of fact; it doesn’t make him look gay either. With our booming economy, more and more people can afford to purchase jewelry. Back in the days, only very few can afford jewelry but now anyone who has a decent job can buy himself a piece of luxury jewelry. So you see, it’s not just the women who don jewelry. If you look at magazines, billboards and TV advertisements they all feature men in suits wearing jewelry even men in casual wear can don on jewelry. This is because men’s fashion is continuously evolving and men’s fashion includes sparkling jewelry. Men’s jewelry offers unique designs than the jewelry you see worn by women. With men’s collection of jewelry slowly expanding majority of men find it a struggle to look for the right necklace design. This is why you need to read this article. If you visit virtual and retail stores you will find massive collections of jewelry and even if you narrow it down to specific categories you will still get overwhelmed with the wide spectrum of styles and designs. It is for this reason that you make yourself familiar with some of the most in-demand styles and materials in the market. When you know all these you can request for your masculine necklaces to...

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Cleaning Up Your Jewelry Closet: Updating Your Collection

There’s always a time for everything. There’s a time to hold on and there’s a time to let go. More often, the beauty is in the letting go. Letting go of something comes in varied forms and albeit initially it gives us the impression of heartbreak, it isn’t always the case. Whether you are letting go of a desire you have held on for so long like the dream of becoming a fireman when you were seven only to realize that you wanted to become a chef instead. Or perhaps finally deciding to let go of your favorite cotton shirt because you’re convinced that someone at church needs it more than you do. Sometimes, although baffling, letting go makes us feel good. But letting go of the things you bought out of your own pockets, the things you bought after toiling at work can seem hard if not impossible. Case in point, expensive jewelry. But before you hold on to it, realize that keeping jewelry items you rarely wear is stealing yourself from happiness as it prevents you from finding and wearing new jewelry pieces that you are likely to wear now. Letting go isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen abruptly. As a matter of fact, letting go is actually a painstaking process but we can walk you through it with the help of this post. This blog post...

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