There’s always a time for everything. There’s a time to hold on and there’s a time to let go. More often, the beauty is in the letting go. Letting go of something comes in varied forms and albeit initially it gives us the impression of heartbreak, it isn’t always the case. Whether you are letting go of a desire you have held on for so long like the dream of becoming a fireman when you were seven only to realize that you wanted to become a chef instead. Or perhaps finally deciding to let go of your favorite cotton shirt because you’re convinced that someone at church needs it more than you do. Sometimes, although baffling, letting go makes us feel good.

But letting go of the things you bought out of your own pockets, the things you bought after toiling at work can seem hard if not impossible. Case in point, expensive jewelry.

But before you hold on to it, realize that keeping jewelry items you rarely wear is stealing yourself from happiness as it prevents you from finding and wearing new jewelry pieces that you are likely to wear now. Letting go isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen abruptly. As a matter of fact, letting go is actually a painstaking process but we can walk you through it with the help of this post. This blog post will teach you simple ways to start letting go.

You can start off by determining when was the last time you wore a piece of jewelry. Even though there are a few exceptions to this rule your jewelry has to be worn at least once in every twelve months. Examples of these exceptions include heirlooms and jewelry pieces that hold sentimental value. Jewelry items you don’t wear needs to be replaced and you have to reassess how you feel about it.

Determine the reasons why you don’t wear it anymore. Maybe you don’t think it’s trendy or maybe that pendant or that ring reminds you of a painful time in your life that you want to forget. Whatever reason you may have, if the jewelry doesn’t work for you anymore and if you can’t find any good reason to use it then it’s high-time you let it go.

Jewelry Closet2If, after several musings you’ve decisively convinced yourself that you no longer find any use to it then set it aside or store in an air-tight container for safe keeping. Once you start setting apart the pieces of jewelry you don’t use you’ll have more room to admire the jewelry you do use. De-cluttering your jewelry box gives you access to all the jewelry pieces you regularly wear without getting them drowned with the items you don’t wear. This simple act of decluttering is actually good for you and your jewelry.

Okay, so now that you’ve kept those jewelry pieces you no longer use it’s time to reward yourself with new accessories. One way of knowing what to buy is to study the jewelry designs you’ve kept in your storage. If you’ve kept old rings because it gives you bad memories now is the time for you to shop for a new ring or if you’ve kept old necklaces in your storage now is the perfect time for you to indulge in necklace pieces. You can also explore new designs and not necessarily find a replica to replace the old ones. Your old jewelry pieces were probably outdated so explore the trends in the jewelry industry and get yourself a new one like a pink sapphire ring for example.

As soon as you’ve found the perfect replacements for your old jewelry you should start experimenting with your new jewelry items and use them regularly because if you don’t your investment would all be for nothing. Find a piece of jewelry that you see yourself wearing every day or if not at least regularly. And as the saying goes, time heals all wounds. If and when you’ve recovered from the pain associated with the memories brought by the jewelry you kept you can revisit that old box and use those jewelry items again that is if you still haven’t sold them to a jeweler. That’s the beauty of organizing jewelry because you can always go back to it whenever you want.